This report is being written early to allow for the fact that our AGM and EXCO are being held slightly earlier than usual.  It is once again my pleasure to report to the membership on our activities in the year under review and to thank you all for making it a positive year for FOSAF.  As always a special thanks a due to Liz and Stuart Tough for the efficient manner in which they manage FOSAF and for the travel arrangements, logistics and organisation of the EXCO. 


State: We continue to await the outcome of the NEM:BA regulations process.  The drafting and mapping exercises have been long completed and the delay by the authorities is worrying.  We remain hopeful that the framework will provide a practical and pragmatic approach to what has proved a divisive and challenging set of issues.  FOSAF remains committed to working with the relevant authorities to achieve a win-win solution in the interests of anglers and the environment.  Each chapter interacts with their provincial authority and provides a useful conduit for communication with anglers.

Public: At last year's EXCO FOSAF agreed to improve its outreach with the media and reaffirmed its connection to Flyfishing magazine.  All media releases and public information are provided to all interested media on an independent and transparent basis.  We believe we can do more to get our message across to anglers in general and will need to find creative and novel approaches to achieve this.  Peter Arderne must be thanked for his continuing efforts to update the website.

Anglers: The launch of the FOSAF Guide to Fly-Fishing Destinations in SA marks a further milestone for our publications.  The new guide not only improves upon the previous editions but also provides up-to-date and well researched information on each region, the different species, techniques, flies and accommodation options.  The team, lead by Bill Mincher, deserve high praise for this outstanding publication.


EXCO: The EXCO met on a face to face basis after last year's AGM and the meeting was conducted in a positive and constructive spirit.  We set some useful goals and debated some difficult issues.  We achieved a measure of consensus that augured well for the year ahead.



Notice is hereby given that the 24th Annual General Meeting of The Federation of Southern African Flyfishers will be held at the Bowls Lounge, Bryanston Sports Club, Payne Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg at 19h00 for 19h30 on Friday 11th February 2011


Chapters: Full chapter reports will be forthcoming at the EXCO however I will briefly note some observations:

Eastern Cape:  Martin and Jess Fick have stood down after five years at the helm. Alan Hobson has assumed the leadership of an able team comprising representatives of most clubs.  I attended the EC AGM and found the chapter to be in good health.  I believe we have turned the corner and look forward to working with Alan and his team to take flyfishing in the EC forward.  I thank them and Brian Clark in particular for their exceptional hospitality during my visit. The positive outcome in the Ugie and Maclear area underscores the fact that working together can bear fruit.

Northvaal: Peter Mills continues to provide able leadership and Peter Arderne's steadfast efforts ensure the efficient functioning and management the various projects allocated to this chapter which remains in a healthy state. 

The Western Cape: Leonard Flemming who has lead the committee for the last few years left to pursue career opportunities and was succeeded by Gerald Penkler.  The committee continues to work in an harmonious and cooperative manner balancing the interests of indigenous species and trout and engaging in important outreach activities.

KZN: As noted last year Jim Read continues to provide sound and wise leadership.  The chapter continues its good relationship with EKZNW and other stakeholders and continues to participate in the province's freshwater fishing liaison committee. The clubs in the region remain active. Increasing interest from anglers indicates a shift for the better and I believe that there are useful lessons that could be shared with other regions.

Free State:  Dirk Human has had a difficult year and has struggled to achieve cooperation from the various groups of flyfishers in the region. We remain grateful for his efforts at developing a FOSAF presence and focus in this important region. 


Dr Bill Bainbridge continues to ably guide the team. The year not seen as much activity as previous years although the committee has reviewed a number of projects and articles submitted for comment.  The committee remains vigilant to the outcome of the NEM:BA process and will address any challenges that may emerge.


As noted last year I still feel there is room for FOSAF to be more proactive.  Despite reviewing progress against the strategic targets we set ourselves I feel we did not achieve as much as we had hoped to do.  We will have to work harder in the year ahead to realise some of the goals we set ourselves.


 I think it is important to note that FOSAF is a voluntary organisation.  Yet whilst its members are all volunteers, we mange to achieve a huge amount and FOSAF's legacy is monumental.  We need to do more to broadcast and celebrate these achievements.

My thanks go out the each and every member who contributes no matter how large or small.  In particular though, I would like to thank: the secretariat of Stuart and Liz Tough for their committed and consistent backup; John Webber for dealing with our Audit and the preparation of our AFS with the detail and care he always applies; our President Andrew Levy and vice presidents Tom Sutcliffe and Bill Mincher for their consistent wise counsel, and my colleagues on the EXCO for their support and commitment.

I remain willing and look forward to working with you again in the year ahead to address the challenges facing FOSAF and to promote fly-fishing.


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