Flyfishing report: Trout - Amatolas

Date of Report: Thursday, 4th April 2024
Name: Karin Opperman (bailiff)
Phone: 0660828595


According to Karin Opperman the fishing at Gubu Dam is slowly starting to improve and the stockies have made an appearance. The stockies give you a good scrap and they are fun to play and release. Over the long weekends there were some good catches ranging from 40cm-51cm, one of which was caught early in the morning at the slipway. The minnows are slowly making their way about the dam, and we saw a few flying ants so the insect activity is a-buzz.

The gut contents reported: frogs, daphnia, and a few beetles.

The wall of the dam has been flat at times and a little bit slow.

Overall Gubu is still beautiful and full.

Maden Dam

Fishing has been very good and there is an abundance of food and a group pulled out quite a few fish. The size ranged from 40cm-52cm

For more information on Gubu and Maden which are AFFC waters, please go to

Loch Lochie

Margo Whyle at 0725220602 who handles the booking states states that the dam is still closed for fishing. This is because they had an extremely hot Feb/March and the water level is quite low due to irrigation demand.

However, it has cooled down significantly, there is heavy rain and possibly even some snow forecast for the next week so she is confident that by next month the dam will have refilled, water temperatures will be much lower, and fishing will have resumed.


Into a fish on Maden Dam.