Flyfishing report: Trout - Amatolas

Date of Report: Monday, 27th November 2023
Name: Karin Opperman (bailiff)
Phone: 0660828595

Name: Scott Blair
Phone: 0730768141

AFFC waters.

All of a sudden, the summer weather has decided to make an appearance, bringing some scorching days and warm evening temperatures.  Water temperatures are up so anglers are advised to adopt summer tactics, fishing the shallows in the early morning/late evening and switching to deep and slow during the heat of the day.  There are a lot of tadpoles and daphnia around, so take this into account when selecting flies and tactics.  Due to the warm water temps, anglers are requested to land fish as quickly as possible and then to make sure that fish swim away strongly upon release.

At the beginning of November, the club hosted its annual fundraising event, the AFFC Trout Classic.  Although the weather tried its best to be awful, not much could dampen the spirit of the eager competitors and a respectable number of fish was recorded, with a total bag length of 109 metres.  The generosity of our sponsors made it possible to award prizes to 31 anglers across 4 categories.  A full report on the event can be found on the club's website:

The annual rainbow trout stocking will take place on Tuesday the 5th of December at Gubu and Maden Dams.  This will be followed by a brown trout stocking in late January 2024.

The Amatola mountains are stunning during the summer months so members are encouraged to visit with their families and enjoy some quality walking, birding, and biking.

Loch Lochie

Margo Whyle at 0725220602 who handles the booking for the dam and accommodation states that they will be closing the dam for the public during the hot weather from 1st December to end February.


Summer wildflowers at Gubu Dam.