Flyfishing report: Trout - Amatolas

Date of Report: Wednesday, 27th July 2022
Name: Edward Truter
Phone: 078 1141669

AMATOLA FLY FISHING CLUB (Stutterheim & Kingwilliamstown).

Gubu & Maden dams.

Despite being the coldest time of the year there has been a surprising number of flyfishers visiting Gubu and most have done extremely well. One club member hit a purple patch taking as many as 40 in a single session while during the East Cape FFA trials plenty of fish were netted, the majority being rainbows in the 38cm to 42cm class. The brownies of the most recent stocking are starting to show and as mentioned in the last report the browns of the same year class are larger when they reach 2 years of age probably because they tend to hunt for bigger food on the bottom whereas the rainbows largely utilise daphnia and phantom midges. Gubu is less fertile than the trophy dams further inland and therefore has a lower percentage of larger food forms such as minnows, frogs, snails and crabs.

Maden at 9ha is much smaller than Gubu at 109 ha and is more heavily stocked per hectare but has not had the same rod pressure. This is a pity as it has produced some excellent fish in the last couple of months.

From 2 to 4 September there is the annual AFFC fund raising competition at Gubu with tagged fish and good prizes. Non-members are welcome to enter this event.

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The AFFC has an agreement with the community to manage the nearby Mnyameni Dam. As is the case of Maden this dam is not as well utilised by members as Gubu and the club plans to encourage increased usage of this attractive stillwater.

This dam contains a good population of smallish rainbows which are all wild bred from the two streams that feed the dam. There are also browns in the dam and one can expect to catch at least one at each fishing session. It is hoped that they will also breed in the streams to set up a self-sustaining population although there are so many rainbows using the limited spawning area at a later time this may nullify the efficacy of the browns breeding attempts. In the meantime, the AFFC will continue to stock brownie fingerlings.

The club is also organising a wattle clearing project on the nearby Wolf River and donations towards this very worthwhile project will be appreciated by the AFFC. Some work has already been done and a new contractor is being sought to carry on with the project. The AFFC is still to arrange fishing access on the Wolf with the community.


This fairly large water on the headwaters of the Klipplaat has some good trophy fish and is now actively managed by Kurt Anderson of the Glenara farm hatchery on the Hogsback and is also in the Klipplaat basin. This hatchery supplies the AFFC with rainbow fingerlings and apparently is now including browns in its stock.


Mnyameni Dam