Flyfishing report: Saltwater - Gqeberha/Port Elizabeth

Date of Report: Wednesday, 20th July 2022
Name: Devan Lagendyk
Phone: 083 289 9097

Sundays river

Small kob have been caught in the river for the last couple of weeks.

But no other decent sized fish have been reported.

 Swartkops River

Decent size garrick are still being caught in the river, however not as frequently as two months ago and small garrick and kob are still being caught on regular basis.

Reports of skipjack being caught have also filtered through, however catches of this species have been few and far between in the last couple of weeks.

Gamtoos River

Reports of good catches of small garrick have been reported high upriver.

A friend caught a decent number of small garrick upriver on previous weekend and reported that the water temperatures was around 17°C - 18°C

I fished the river this weekend, and had an extremely slow day with only two small garrick to show for the day. Water temperature around 15°C at most places upriver.

I have to mention that the sea temperature was around 19°C in the surf zone away from the river mouth.

It seems like the location of the fish in the river is heavily dependent on the on the sea temperatures this time of the year. 

Krom River

I have not heard of any good catches being made in the river for the last couple of weeks.


Gamtoos River estuary – courtesy of Roger Gurr