Flyfishing report: Saltwater - Gqeberha/Port Elizabeth

Date of Report: Monday, 25th April 2022
Name: Devan Lagendyk
Phone: 083 289 9097

Sundays River

Catches of grunter and kob are still being made in the river.

I have not heard of any decent sized fish being caught in the last month but I have to mention that Sundays River has produced a good number of fish this season.

Swartkops river

No reports have been published with regards to the water quality of the river.

Good catches of kob, grunter and skipjack are being made on lures.

Decent sized garrick are also being caught and I suspect more of these good sized fish will be caught in the next couple of weeks as they start their migration north towards Kwazulu-Natal.

I managed to catch the grunter pictured below on a silicon baitfish pattern while fishing for garrick in 4m of water. Not the fish I was hoping for, but I will take it anytime of the day.

Often grunter are being caught on bucktail jigs or slow sinking lures in deeper channels while fishing for garrick or kob. 

I think this grunter may have 

Gamtoos river

Decent sized kob are still being caught close to the mouth on lures and bait.

I have no confirmation of any grunter or skipjack being caught.

Krom river

I have not heard of any good catches being made in the river for the last couple of weeks.


My grunter caught on a silicon baitfish pattern.