Flyfishing report: Yellowfish - Middle Vaal

Date of Report: Monday, 9th May 2022
Name: Anthea Piater
Phone: 082 403 2741

The Mid-Vaal is still experiencing high discharges from the barrage, and until recently, the Vaal Dam too. The Dam discharge is now at 84m3/s and the barrage is fluctuating between 100 and 200. During April the Barrage discharge once again reached over 1 000m3/s. There is some anticipation that levels will return to a fishable state in the next week or two.

The wet wading season for Smallmouth Yellowfish has been a short one, but Largemouth Yellowfish season is on our doorstep! When the river drops, and clarity improves it will be worth embracing the early morning chills to target these magnificent fish.


The Vaal at Parys on 9 May