In 1985/1986, a group of flyfishers in the Eastern and Western Cape became very concerned about developments in the sport of flyfishing in the then Cape Province. It was clear that the Cape Department of Nature Conservation wanted to deregulate the Trout Fishing Ordinance but no consultation or discussion was held with flyfishing clubs or individuals. Concerned flyfishers met and the Federation of Southern African Flyfishers (FOSAF) was formed on 1 March 1986 at the Eagles Ridge Hotel, Stutterheim.

At this meeting a National Executive Body was formed with Chapters in Natal, Transvaal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and the Orange Free State. (These chapters are now known as KwaZulu-Natal, Northvaal [Gauteng and Mpumalanga], the Eastern Cape, Western Cape and the Free State.) A constitution for FOSAF was drafted with the following aims and objectives:

  • To promote the sport of flyfishing and the interests of amateur flyfishers throughout Southern Africa
  • To unite flyfishers and flyfishing clubs of Southern Africa in the belief that in unity is strength.
  • To provide flyfishers and flyfishing clubs with a platform for negotiation with higher authorities and representation on appropriate councils.
  • To promote conservation generally and research particularly into fresh water ecology. To promote and guide and encourage the angler to perform a monitoring role to aid the professional conservationist.
  • To provide guidance and assistance, when requested, on matters of general or particular flyfishing importance to clubs or individuals.
  • To strive on behalf of its members for improved facilities in flyfishing.
  • To form a common body with which the Government and Local Authorities could liaise in matters of Legislation and Policy for the mutual benefit of both.
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The group of flyfishers who met on 1st March 1986 at the Eagles Ridge Hotel.

The first committee meeting in 1986 held at the Cape Piscatorial Society offices, in Cape Town. From the left -Malcolm Meintjes, Vaughan Patterson, Fred Croney (President), Tom Sutcliffe and Ed Herbst.