Flyfishing report: Saltwater - Upper South Coast

Date of Report: Wednesday, 24th November 2021
Name: Martin Smuts
Phone: 078 9620111

I don’t think that I speak only for myself when I say, the busy'ness of the festive season has already started. Whether it be a last minute visit to home affairs to sort out travel documents or working weekends, on projects to be completed before the holidays, these may very well be some of the reasons that things have been so quiet on the fly fishing front, another reason is.

Without getting into too much detail, as there are many other platforms that do, and even video footage,  of the recent sewage spill in Durban Harbour. I have heard of sewage spills in times past and have personally seen or should I say, smelt, evidence of it on more than one occasion. There are many words to describe the thoughts that go through one’s mind when faced with such a situation. For myself, after venting and having to restrain my thoughts, it boils down to just simply, disappointing. Again, without getting too into it, I trust that as in times past the cause will soon be resolved and maybe this time measures put in place to prevent this ongoing problem from persisting, until then let us hope that it is just a matter of time before we are once again able to comfortably fish the harbour.    

The fellas fly fishing around Illovo river mouth reported catching a Shad or two in the surf recently. A reminder to anyone who is none-the-wiser, Shad season is currently closed. The closed season runs from the 1st October to the 30th November, during which any Shad that is caught must be released. Anyone found, by the authorities, in possession of any Shad is liable to a hefty fine.

The surf around Durban has produced but a few small Wave Garrick this past month. The usual catches of 15 or more fish per outing have not yet been experienced this summer. I am sure that with just a bit of persistence, some hot sunny weather and it won’t be long before we are once again catching plenty of Wave Garrick.

For the holiday makers heading down to Kwazulu Natal and thinking of throwing a fly in the salt and not sure of the basics of what tackle to pack. Rods ranging from a 6 weight to 9 weight will surfice, the lighter rods are perfectly fine so long as the wind doesn't start up. Intermediate or sinking lines are the most effective as are smaller flies like Charlies, Clousers and shrimp style patterns in size 4, 6 and even 8. Leaders most of which will do fine, need not be too light, a minimum of 8lb or 10lb as an allrounder is adequate. Until next time, tight lines.


A Natal stumpnose taken on a Green Mamba Fly