Flyfishing report: Saltwater - West Cape

Date of Report: Friday, 29th April 2022
Name: Capt. Louis Day
Phone: 082 555 8317

Temperatures have been well down for the past couple of weeks with a constant SE to SW wind. Also, not much rain but rain is forecast for this weekend.

Breede River.

The locals have mentioned that there appear to have been fewer visitors coming to the Breede than normal this autumn. Fishing has gone off since March which was quite a good month and when there were several skipjack taken which does not often happen this far south. We expect river temperatures to be close to 20°C in autumn, but with cooler water this has resulted in catches declining.

De Mond.

Not much action and very few anglers in the estuary either, and the boats have taken a few smallish yellowtail at 6-mile and 12-mile reef but nothing to write home about.

Hermanus lagoon.

Also, very quiet possibly because for the first time in many years the mouth was open for an extended period allowing a good number of adult fish to move out. However, there are large shoals of baitfish such mullet present which will allow the younger garrick and kob to grow out.

Bot River Lagoon.

Very quiet with not many anglers around.


Garrick/leervis from the Breede