Xplorer UHTFC stillwater festival
Venue: The many club managed dams in the Underberg area
Starts: Saturday, 24th September 2022
Ends: Sunday, 25th September 2022

Amatola Fly Fishing Club Annual Fund Raising Competition
Venue: Waters managed by the AFFC
Starts: Friday, 2nd September 2022
Ends: Saturday, 3rd September 2022
Contact: Scott Blair & Richard Field
Phone: 0730768141 (Scott) & 0823210656 (Richard)


Dullstroom Flyfishing Festival
Venue: Prime stillwaters in the Dullstroom area
Starts: Thursday, 20th October 2022
Ends: Saturday, 22nd October 2022
Contact: John or Wilma Hunter
Phone: 013-2540156 or 0721009228


Barkly East Fly Fishing River Festival
Venue: The many trout streams in the district plus the Kraai Rver. River
Starts: Friday, 18th November 2022
Ends: Saturday, 19th November 2022
Contact: Andrew, Cloete & Terence
Phone: 0845166471 (Andrew), 0823377564 (Cloete), 0726986600 (Terence)

TCFF Sterkfontein Yellowfish Experience
Venue: Sterkfontein Dam. Accommodation at Qwantani Resort
Starts: Thursday, 3rd November 2022
Ends: Sunday, 6th November 2022
Contact: Lizelle Jacobs
Phone: 012-3713915 or 083 5182170

MARCH 2023

The Dirt Road Wild Trout Festival. 2022 participants get preference.
Venue: The many trout streams in the district plus the Kraai River.
Starts: Thursday, 16th March 2023
Ends: Monday, 20th March 2023
Contact: Dave Walker & Margie Murray
Email: &
Phone: 0824755775 (Dave), 0459719003 (Margie)