Monday, 29th April 2024

Thomas James Sutcliffe - A FOSAF Eulogy

Good afternoon, everybody,

I'm really sorry that Tom wasn't here to introduce all the speakers because as both Stephen (Boshoff) and Fareed (Abdullah) have said he was that kind of person (who would make you all welcome). I am Ilan Lax the National Chairperson of the Federation of Southern African Flyfishers (FOSAF) and in that capacity I worked with Tom a great deal.

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Monday, 31st October 2022

Draft Minutes of the FOSAF Northern Region AGM

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Monday, 12th September 2022

Trout SA's comments on the Draft Aquaculture Development Bill.

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Monday, 12th September 2022

Draft Aquaculture Development Bill (Revision) - May 2022.

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Thursday, 11th November 2021

The positive role of trout in SA – Ed Herbst Politicsweb Nov.2021

The anti-trout lobby has always focused on trout’s allegedly detrimental environmental impact while ignoring the positive socio-economic benefits of trout in terms of tourism income and job creation.

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Monday, 14th December 2020

Gerrie van der Merwe – a real mensch

Gerrit Stephanus van der Merwe of Lunsklip Fisheries passed away unexpectedly on 31 October 2020.


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Monday, 17th August 2020

Dirt Road Wild Trout newsletter & entry form

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Monday, 1st June 2020

Is the Government serious about protecting our water resources? By Ed Herbst

In 2009 the SABC broadcast ‘Superdump’ a documentary about the adverse environmental impact of mine dumps.

A decade later Al Jazeera broadcast Toxic City: The Cost of Gold Mining in South Africa   which showed that the earth around Johannesburg’s mine dumps is more radioactive than the earth around Chernobyl.

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Wednesday, 8th January 2020

Entry form for Dirt Road Wild Trout Festival 17 to 21 March 2020

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Tuesday, 22nd October 2019

FOSAF comments on the 2nd draft National Freshwater (Inland) Wild Capture Policy – Sept. 2019


Dr. Leonard A. Flemming (PhD Microbiology)
FOSAF Western Cape representative
with input by Ilan Lax
FOSAF National Chairperson.

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Monday, 12th August 2019

Toxic Hennops River - a report dated August 2019

Our toxic Rivers: Polluted no-man's lands filled with millions of tons of sludge and sewerage - people's health, freshwater life and our endangered ecosystems all harmed.

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By Willem Snyman

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Monday, 8th July 2019

SA law of Fresh Water Fishes -Ian Cox (saflyfishingmag July 2019)

There is a great deal of confusion in the South African angling community regarding the law relating to fishes. Questions such as “do I need a licence” or “what are my rights when a river or dam demarcates the boundary” frequently crop up on social media.

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Tuesday, 9th April 2019

Summary of the water quantity & quanlity challenges within the Vaal River system - Federation for a Sustainable Environment April 2019

The following summary of water quantity and quality challenges within the Integrated Vaal River System is submitted on behalf of the Federation for Sustainable Environment (FSE).

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Monday, 1st April 2019

Save the Vaal Environment March 2019 Newsletter

In the latest newsletter:
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Tuesday, 19th February 2019

Summary of a talk given to the Mpumalanga Trout Association AGM on 7th February 2019.

Working out what government is going to do regarding aquaculture and, or anything else for that matter requires one to look beyond government policy documents and the promises of politicians and officials. One must also consider the decisions taken by the ANC at its national conferences and the present and future alignment of forces within the ANC that gave rise to those decisions.

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Friday, 18th January 2019

Outdoor Fly Fishing Festival (OFF) at the Cradle Moon Conservancy, Muldersdrift, Gauteng on 2 & 3 Feb.

Set on the banks of the Cradle Moon Lodge Lake, the Outdoor Fishing Festival is a festival not to be missed! It is the inaugural year for the festival bringing fishermen together from all over the country.

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Thursday, 10th January 2019

An appeal for funds to halt illegal mining in the Belfast/Dullstroom district

Illegal coal mining at the head of the Elands River in the Belfast/ Dullstroom district.

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Wednesday, 10th October 2018

Should trout be eradicated in SA by Mario Cesare

Mario Cesare, chief warden of the Olifants River Game Reserve in Limpopo, and author of three best-selling books on game ranging and conservation – his latest is Heart of a Game Ranger: Stories from a Wild Life – is also a passionately keen fly fisherman. Here he takes up the cudgels (purist fly fishers would say ‘takes up the priests’) on behalf of what many anglers believe is the noblest fish of all, the trout.

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Tuesday, 11th September 2018

SAVE's newsletter September 2018

SAVE is disappointed with the pace of the Gauteng Premier’s intervention in the affairs of the Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM). 

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Thursday, 16th August 2018

Another open letter to DWS Minister dated 16 Aug. 2018

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Monday, 13th August 2018

Quality of Water in the Vaal Barrage sampled 08/08/2018

Quality of Water in the Vaal Barrage sampled 08/08/2018

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Monday, 13th August 2018

Vaal pollution: Open letter to DWS Minister dated 12/08/2018.


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Monday, 13th August 2018

SA water can be danger to health - by Anthony Turton on 8/10/2018

In 2002 South Africa officially became a water-constrained economy, when the National Water Resource Strategy reported that we had allocated 98% of our total water resource. Subsequent high confidence studies have shown that we over-estimated the water available at the time, so, in short, we have allocated all the water that we have. 

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Friday, 13th April 2018

Govt's war on trout - by Ed Herbst

Ed Herbst on the likely consequences of efforts to declare the fish an invasive species.

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Friday, 6th April 2018

Invitation to World Fish Migration Fish Day on 21 March

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Wednesday, 14th March 2018

Formal letter of demand to DEA Minister for withdrawal of notices GN112 & 115

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Friday, 9th March 2018

FOSAF's response to the DEA's Media Release of 07/03/2018 by Ilan Lax





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Friday, 9th March 2018

COMMENTS on DEA's Press release of 7 March 2018

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Tuesday, 13th February 2018

Trout SA presentation on the Aquaculture Bill: update by Ilan Lax 9 Feb 2018.

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Tuesday, 13th February 2018

Trout in Mpumalanga: Update by Ilan Lax 9 Feb 2018.

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Monday, 29th January 2018

Draft NEMBA Bill for discussion & review purposes - January 2018.

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Monday, 15th January 2018

Institutional change institutional isolation and biodiversity governance in South Africa by Juniours Marire

The world, in recent decades, has witnessed an incalculable surge in global "wicked" policy problems that have long-term, and most often irreversible, impacts, not least terrorism, climate change, biodiversity losses and desertification. Wicked problems are wicked because there is no single epistemological system that can adequately coordinate policy action for addressing them. Literature abounds with international case studies of opposition to national institutions that are designed to put into effect global and regional policies for resolving wicked problems. This raises questions about what constitutes reasonable institutions, how such institutions can be designed and why societies sometimes fail to develop such institutions despite the obvious need for them.

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Tuesday, 30th November -0001

State capture of aquaculture - Farmers Weekly article

Legislative control of the aquaculture industry in South Africa is so restrictive that it impedes any development.

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Friday, 2nd December 2016

Smallmouth yellowfish in Free State dams – Leon Barkhuizen

Fisheries scientist Dr Leon Barkhuizen gives us the first comprehensive record of the occurrence, distribution and population structure of smallmouth yellowfish at dams in the Free State province.

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Monday, 14th November 2016

Doing the right thing - by Ian Cox

Apathy is a terrible thing. It disempowers good people and creates space in which bad people can do terrible things. Just look at what is happening at our universities where the lie that is the so called peaceful protests and the apathetic response of many vice chancellors and their management teams is destroying the future of our children and grandchildren.

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Thursday, 20th October 2016

World Fisheries Day And Worshop On South African Swimway Programme - 21st of November

World Fisheries Day is celebrated every year on the 21st of November throughout the world by fishing communities, conservation authorities, government departments, academia, research organization, NGO’s and general public.

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Monday, 26th September 2016

NEMBA Update – 2005 to Sept 2016 by Ilan Lax

An edited record of the talk by Ilan Lax to the FOSAF EC AGM (Nov 2015) with some recent developments (as at September 2016)

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Wednesday, 20th July 2016

Flowers of Verloren Vlei at Dullstroom – an illustrated guide

Field guide to the orchids and selected flowers of Verloren Valei Nature Reserve, Dullstroom

by Gerrit van Ede

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Thursday, 9th June 2016

Rondegat River Rehab. Project – articles relating to

Documents relating to the Rondegat River Rehabilitation Project

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Friday, 13th May 2016

The status of Trout in SA

“Trout … are well established in the upper reaches of many South African river systems.  An important recreational angling industry has developed around the two trout species, which also provides healthy recreation for a large number of people.  Trout farming is also well established in South Africa and has the highest yield of any one species in the aquaculture industry (Safriel & Bruton, 1984).  Clearly trout have a permanent place in the economy and ecology of South Africa.  We must not, however, lose sight of the fact that they are alien fishes, and that it is our unique and primary responsibility to safeguard the future of our own indigenous fishes.” quotation by de Moor & Bruton (1968)

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Monday, 14th March 2016

NEMBA Update (by Ilan Lax) (An edited record of the talk given to the FOSAF EC AGM – Nov. 2015)

The Chairman Brian Clark requested that Ilan Lax, FOSAF National chairman, give a summary for those not familiar with the ongoing NEMBA saga. Ilan then gave a background briefing on what FOSAF’s are regarding NEMBA and the regulation of trout.


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Tuesday, 2nd February 2016

An assessment of the Social & Economic Impacts of Tourism Development in Dullstroom, Moumalanga - by Gareth Butler

An assessment of the Social & Economic Impacts of Tourism Development in Dullstroom, Moumalanga - by Gareth Butler

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Monday, 25th January 2016

Trout Value Added Chain – by Steve Vincent.

Please click here to view the presentation by Steve Vincent.

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Monday, 25th January 2016

Quo Vadis: Trout in Mpumalanga? – by Ilan Lax

Click here to view the presentation by Ilan Lax.

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Tuesday, 12th January 2016

FishMAP pamphlet

With our rapidly expanding population and other global challenges comes increased stress on our natural ecosystems and biodiversity. This is especially true for freshwater ecosystems in Africa where pressures on freshwater resources are expected to intensify exponentially in upcoming decades. To make informed policy and management decisions about how to protect our freshwater biodiversity, we need data. That's where you come in. Powered by you, the citizen scientists, FishMAP is now collecting freshwater fish records from across Africa so that we can update species distribution records and fill in distribution gaps - information that is invaluable when it comes to conserving our freshwater fishes and their aquatic habitats. These are exciting times as never before has the potential contribution of citizen scientists to freshwater conservation in Africa been so great. Nature is the silent giver that brings us so much joy, and here is a chance for us to give back!

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Tuesday, 29th September 2015

Wattle clearing on the Umgeni by the NFFC - Andrew Fowler



The Natal Fly Fishers Club held its third clean-up day on the Upper Umgeni River on Saturday 12th September. Unlike previous clean-up days the club hired in professional tree fellers to join the party of volunteers, and farmer Russell Watson, provided no less than four tractors to assist. With this considerable man and machine power, a highly successful and satisfying day was had.


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Wednesday, 26th August 2015

WTA Economic Contribution

Tuesday, 30th November -0001

Draft constitution for provincial Trout Associations

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Tuesday, 30th November -0001

Presentation by Ian Cox at Walkersons meeting on 24/07/2015

July 2015 By Ian Cox For Trout South Africa

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Wednesday, 20th March 2013

NEM:BA Alien & Invasive Species Update

As reported last year FOSAF became aware that the Department of Environmental Affairs (“DEA”) was intent on pressing ahead with the implementation of a regulations framework that we were led to understand (on what little we at that stage could ascertain) was entirely different from that which we had commented and worked so hard on in the past. 

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Thursday, 7th March 2013

Mining right for open cast coal mine granted in Dullstroom area.

The news that the WPB Colliery had been granted a mining right was greeted with shock by the SEI (Steenkampsberg Environmental Initiative) which is a coalition of FOSAF and major environmental NGO’s. Nearby landowners including the many flyfishing venues in the area were equally appalled. 

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Saturday, 29th October 2011

EWT's Mining Toolkit

This is a great resource for all landowners, NGO's and the public in general who are confronted with problems from mining, particularly from those companies suspected of following incorrect procedures.

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Tuesday, 30th August 2011

New fly tying DVD by top SA guide

"Essential Fly Tying Techiques" by Tim Rolston is an electronic book, the likes of which has never before been seen.

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Tuesday, 28th June 2011

A plan to protect Mpumalanga's Trout Triangle

 In September 2011 we can expect a surge of new applications to prospect or even mine in the Steenkampsberg which is the heart of the province's famous Trout Triangle.

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Monday, 25th October 2010

Update on NEM:BA Alien & Invasive Species Regulations

The protracted process of finalising the draft NEM:BA alien and invasive species ("AIS") regulations drags on.

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Wednesday, 23rd June 2010

Stocking Yellowfish: YWG Policy Statement June 2010

The YWG has reviewed its policy regarding the stocking of yellowfish (the moratorium) and has adopted the following policy statement:Read more>>