Flyfishing report: Trout - Southern Drakensberg

Date of Report: Thursday, 21st July 2022
Name: Alan Payn
Phone: 0826363985

Alan Payn has taken over the booking duties from Mike Pitt and now holds the club cell phone. In June the club sold 83 rod tickets for their stillwaters which resulted in 84 fish landed, 3 of which were over 63cm but July to date has been very quiet. Fishing since end-May has been limited to the 17 club dams, of which 2 are available for visitors. These 2 dams are stocked more heavily. Alan says that all the dams are very full with some still overflowing. The water is cold (5° to 9°C) and in most dams crystal clear. Most of the fish are being taken well down and with clear water long and fine leaders are required. All their dams have been restocked with 6500 fish of about 18cm size and these are already showing good growth.

The FFA held very successful trials recently with a 74cm rainbow taken from Lake Goxhill. The National B trials are to be held in October.

Note that the Xplorer UHTFC Festival is to be held on 24/25 September and fishing will be on the club managed dams. It will be limited to 25 teams of 2 and there are some very good prizes on offer. Non-club members may enter after July 30.  For those wishing to enter please go to



An Underberg dam. Photo courtesy of Nina Ludwig.