At FOSAF a great deal of our time is taken up with addressing environmental issues. We do not have to remind you of the huge threat posed by the increasing pollution of our waterways as just one example. To make matters worse the provincial and government departments responsible for enforcing our laws appear to lack the will or resources to combat this ever-increasing threat or similar environmental transgressions.

Most FOSAF's efforts in this regard has been in helping SAVE in their efforts to stem the wholesale pollution of the mid-Vaal River while we are part of the consortium which opposes applications for prospecting/mining in the Trout Triangle of Mpumalanga. However, there are many other environmental issues we need to focus on, some of which are listed below.

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Current Issues:

  1. Court Case regarding proposed amendments to the Alien & Invasive Lists & Regulations
  2. Massive pollution of the Vaal River Barrage and downstream
  3. Clanwilliam sandfish in trouble
  4. William Bower open cast coal mine - near Dullstroom


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