Flyfishing report: Trout - Mpumalanga

Date of Report: Thursday, 20th June 2024
Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


According to John Hunter at the Village Angler the weather has settled down to more stable conditions. He prefers to go out after lunch in mid-winter and with the water warming on a sunny day there is often some surface movement into late afternoon. Lure patterns seem to be more popular at present although buzzers sub-surface or washing line technique is sometimes productive if the fish are near the surface. Both Millstream and Walkersons have recorded good catches and there was a report of a 73cm fish taken from DFFA’s Janson’s dam.

Day tickets may also be purchased at Mavungana for their Laverpa dams which they keep well stocked while their Trophy Dam at Birds of Prey opens on June 1 having been closed for over 6 months to allow the fish to grow out. According to Collen the Laverpa waters are very clear and at times size 16 and 14 nymphs have worked and also small dries at midday. When fishing deeper orange patterns work well.

At the TFFC’s waters at Middelpunt (  fishery manager, Brian Reilly reports that In May they welcomed the cooler temperatures after a long and unusually hot summer. With the cooler temperatures fishing has improved greatly after a very slow January, February, March and even April. Middelpunt continues to produce excellent fish with those taken exceeding 40 cm on average with better than average condition factor. A few fish approaching 60 cm have been taken and as always, this club of 50+ years offers excellent value for money. It continues to live up to standard and the trickle stocking programme into the next summer promises us some really good fishing into December as we all hope for lots of rain and cooler temperatures in the next summer season.

If you are looking for a team event the Village Flyfishing Festival in the Dullstroom area will be on the 11th to 12h October with registration on 10th October. This is also a funds-for-charity event and teams participating last year will be given priority. For more information contact Wilma at 0716855233.


Werner Wessels, chairman of the club at ( states that the river is running well but very clear now and has recently been restocked although it also carry’s some wild bred fish. Day tickets may be purchased at Merry Pebbles and Uvuvi in Sabie or Angling and Outdoors in Nelspruit.


Lovely brown from Dam 3, Middelpunt.