Flyfishing report: Trout - Western Cape

Date of Report: Thursday, 28th April 2022
Name: Vikki Geldenhuys (Cape Piscatorial Society Secretary)
Phone: 081 826 0835

The rivers.

Trout fly-fishers in the Western Cape are still waiting for the arrival of the first good autumn/winter rains. Fortunately, temperatures are well down and over this holiday season there have been surprisingly high bookings for the Smalblaar system despite the low water levels which has made fishing especially challenging. A special thanks must go to those CPS members who take the trouble to clear up and dispose of the litter left by picknickers who visit the Du Toit’s Kloof pass.

As compensation water  is released from the Stettynskloof Dam the Holsloot has a reasonable flow although catch per day tend to be lower than the Smalblaar system.

Those lucky enough to win lottery tickets for the Jan Du Toits have done well this year as this small, mountainous stream has maintained a good, cool flow this year.

Bains Kloof has still not been reopened thus there is no easy access to the Witte River. A couple of browns have been recorded by members who have done the long hike from Du Toit’s Kloof pass summit. CPS members will be advised once the pass is open again.

Please note that all streams close for fishing from 31 May to Sept 1.


The dam level is standing at a healthy 83% and water temperatures are dropping rapidly.

Catchable sized trout have been ordered for re-stocking, but there is a real concern about the high population of bass, most of which are of a small size. The CPS committee is considering ways of electro shocking the dam to remove some of these bass prior to stocking. However, this will be a formidable and expensive operation and therefore no final decision has been taken on whether to proceed with it.

La Ferme.

This stillwater fishery near Franschoek have advised us that they will be stocking their dams in May.


Holsloot River – photo courtesy of Marius Botha