It is FOSAF's aim to promote the sport of fly fishing by encouraging anglers to explore and enjoy the great fly fishing opportunities our country has to offer. The FOSAF Guide to Fly-Fishing Destinations in South Africa and the Indian Ocean was published in 2010 with this purpose in mind. We are extremely fortunate to have an extraordinary variety of fish to target in a variety of different environments and habitats. Angling opportunities abound from the warm slow rivers of the Lowveld to cold mountain streams of the Drakensberg mountains and the marine environments along our coastal waters and tropical islands of the Indian Ocean. There are a number of species to target requiring different equipment and techniques which brings much variety to our sport. But, more than this, we wish anglers to enjoy these opportunities with knowledge and due regard for our natural environment and the species we target.

The FOSAF Guide to Fly Fishing, as well as the earlier Nedbank Guides, were hugely successful in achieving the above objectives. With the upgrading of the FOSAF website we thought it opportune to make the information contained in the Guide books available on the web. We have also updated the information on species and techniques to provide you with the most up to date information available at this time.


Species targeted by fly fishers - description and how & where to fly fish for them.

Trout - Rainbow & browns
Louis Wolhuter

The Yellowfishes
Dean Impson & Turner Wilkinson

The Basses
Dean Impson

Tigerfish & companion species
Malcolm Meintjes

Saltwater Species - onshore waters
Ben Pretorius

Saltwater species - offshore waters
Bruce Birkett