Flyfishing report: Saltwater - Kosi

Date of Report: Sunday, 24th April 2022
Name: Rick Stadler
Phone: 0720316829

If you are after one of those 100cm plus GT’s taken from the surf in South Africa, then you need to get to Kosi in a hurry! They are here and taking huge advantage of the current conditions.

Whilst the rest of our KZN north coast has been muddy and brown, the Kosi system has turned to a super strong cup of rooibos! The 550mm of rain that bucketed down has filled the surrounding wetlands and swamps to points barely imaginable! Because of no muddy rivers and dirty catchment areas around Kosi, it is only the tannins from decomposing vegetation in the swamps that discolour the water to red!

All this water washing out to sea has definitely not been kept a secret. Massive shoals of mullet, like I have never seen before, are hanging around the mouth and the fallen Mimusops trees lining the estuary banks have created the perfect hideout for large river snapper and Barracuda.

With regards to the Giant Kingfish, I have seen more 100cm plus fish in the last month than what I have seen in two years put together. We have landed a bunch of younger fish, but the monsters have all been totally focussed on the 30cm plus mullet. Countless flies right above them, but they keep sending us back to the camps vice to add some more size! Had a mullet smashed out the water right next to a perfectly performing Nyap on the last ideal tide. These large Saffa Geets come with IQ’s like no others!

Reports came in yesterday of an 8kg River Snapper caught on bait by a local on South beach and a good friend phoned today to say that the large GT’s been driving him nuts at Rocktail.

Very important guys, these fish need to please remain in the ocean! Fish heavy tackle, land them as quickly as possible and get them back behind the shore break strong and ready to fight another day!

We still got some rods open on packages during the next 4 weeks!

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A young GT


Fishing the surf