Flyfishing report: Saltwater - Kosi

Date of Report: Tuesday, 7th December 2021
Name: Rick Stadler
Phone: 0720316829

Summer has returned and finally the bay is filling up with bait fish again!

At the mouth a couple of Greenspot kingies have been caught and decent size pickhandle barracuda have been seen cruising through the channel!

The lakes have been incredible! 3rd Lake on several occasions turned into a scene that would usually only be seen out at sea on the deeper ledges! Hundreds of Terns diving and feeding from above whilst the water kept exploding as huge predatory fish were smashing the baitfish from below.  Reports came in about several GT’s caught and released. The biggest fish estimated at least 30kgs and a couple more around the 90-100cm mark.

1St lake also had the locals talking after a 1.5 - 2m Zambezi shark has been visible on a couple of occasions.

Let’s hope that this season another name or two can be added onto the 100cm club!

Save travelling wherever you go this season! Please remember to return those special catches back to the water, strong and kicking! Our future generations also deserve to have them around!

Keep them loops tight and feel free to contact me for any accommodation, guiding or advice around Kosi Mouth! or WhatsApp 0720316829.


Greenspot kingfish caught by Scotty Kyle many years ago.