This fly was tied over 30 years ago for use on Loch Leven in Scotland. It was used as an attractor fly on a standard Loch style rig. I personally caught many brown and rainbow trout using a Prairie Dog as a top or mid dropper fly.

About 6 or 7 years ago I tried it here in SA and have had great success on the dams using it on the point or on the middle dropper.

It is very similar to the Woolly Bugger although a lot smaller and with an orange tag.


Grip Hook size 10 Nymph

Thread – Black

Rib – Gold Tinsel

Tag – Orange Glo Bright Floss Orange No5

Wing – Black Marabou with Blue Flash over

Tying Instructions:




Size 10 Grip Nymph Hook.

Run thread in touching turns halfway down the shank of the hook. Tie in the wire rib and then run the thread towards the bend of the hook to just past the hook point.


Fold over glo bright floss 3 to 4 times and tie in from the bend of the hook running the thread up towards the eye of the hook to catch in the loose glo bright.


Tie in the gold tinsel at the eye of the hook.


Run tinsel down to the bend and back up to the eye to form the body.


Take the wire rib and use 3-4 turns up to the eye. Tie in the marabou to form the wing.


Now using 3 to 4 strands of blue flash place them on each side of the marabou wing and tie in. Whip finish and varnish the head.


The Prairie Dog!

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