Excellent fly for rivers for both trout and yellows but comes into its own for yellows on stillwaters. This is particularly the case in a large reservoir like the Waterdown Dam which supplies Queenstown or the Oxkraal Dam at Whittlesea. Here cruising yellows break away from their feeding lines by up to 4 metres to take a Stimulator when the water is clear both in flat or choppy conditions.



Hook:Tiemco TMC 200R(8-16)

Thread:Nano silk

Tail:Bleached Elk

Rib:Fine copper wire

Abdomen:Red dubbing(colour variations are endless) Abdomen Hackle:Brown Whiting dry fly hackle Wing:Bleached Elk Thorax Hackle:Grizzly Thorax:Olive & yellow ice dubbing blend(colour variations are endless)

How to tie the fly.


Step 1:

Start the thread 1/3 of the way down & wrap to above the barb. Build a small bump to stop the elk hair from slipping down.


Step 2:

Tie in a small amount of elk hair, no longer than the gape of the hook.


Step 3:

Dub tapered abdomen (colour of choice).


Step 4:

Tie in hackle at end of dubbing (halfway up).


Step 5:

Wrap hackle back to bend of hook, wrap copper wire forward to trap hackle. Trim both excess hackle

& copper wire.


Step 6:

Tie in bigger bunch of elk hair to extend halfway down the tail & trim excess. Wrap over butt ends to create a smooth finish.


Step 7:

Tie in hackle.


Step 8:

Dub to the eye of the hook.


Step 9:

Wrap hackle forward to eye of the hook, rap a smooth head & whip finish.

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