This is an interesting fly. I target mainly Kob on it but have caught Grunter and Gurnard on the smaller versions. The idea behind the fly is to fish it on a fast- sinking line on a relatively short leader. Depth and current and drift will all play a role in how long a leader you will fish. The idea is that the buoyant fly will try to float but be held in the strike zone by the sinking line. The fly then dives down to the bottom on the strip, only to rise seductively on the pause.

Materials used.

Hook: Any wide gape short shank hook. I prefer a heavy gauge hook as it helps keep the fly upright. 3/0 to 9/0

Thread: Colour of your choice that matches the overall colour of your fly. I use Danville’s 210 Denier Flat Waxed Nylon. In this case, Olive.

Head: 2mm White/colour of your choice foam A4 sheet cut into 2.5mm wide strips.

Collar: Crosscut rabbit strips to match.

Tail: I use the cheapest hackle feathers I can find. In white, chosen colour and Grizzly.

Eyes: To match. As big as possible in relation to the head.

1. Lay down your thread base. I always seal it with a bit of superglue.

 2. Tie in 4 white hackles, two either side, flared outwards.

 3. Add a single strand of flash per side. I prefer a relatively wide lateral line flash.

4. Tie in two hackles of your main colour per side. Try and choose feathers that will allow you to incorporate a fair amount of the softer marabou type fibres just behind your tie in point. Add a single grizzly feather on either side.

5. Wrap in 2 turns of crosscut rabbit strip to match the main colour.

 6. Spin in 10 – 15 strips of 2x2.5x30mm foam strips in white for the belly, and the same on top to match.

7. Repeat step number 6 until you reach the hook eye and tie off. Seal each step with superglue. The trick with spinning with foam is to properly compress and compact each layer into the previous one. This gives a nice dense head.

8. Trim the foam into whatever shaped head you desire. This is usually the step where I have a glass of whiskey at hand.

9. Add the biggest eyes that seem appropriate for the size head you have. Add some contrast and gill colour with a permanent marker if required. I like to coat the eyes with a bit of UV glue just to seal the deal.

 10. Repeat and have fun!

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