This is more a tutorial to show a new style of body that I’ve recently discovered and started using on various dry flies and nymphs. Simply put, you wrap a flash or tinsel of your choice in touching turns, and “rib” that flash body in open turns with a stripped peacock quill or other darker body material. Whether or not this type of body is actually more effective is up for debate. However, I always fish flies that look good with more confidence, and in my experience when I fish with confidence, I catch more fish. So, for this particular nymph, the material list is the following:

Hook: Hanák Dry Fly H130BL size 14

Bead: 3 mm anodized black slotted tungsten

Thread: UTC 70 Denier Ultra Thread

Tail: Coq de Leon

Body: Hendron Ice Blue Pearl Flashabou (code 6904) ribbed with a peacock hurl quill

Collar: Wapsi Natural Fur dubbing Fox Squirrel and Veniard natural grey CDC

As with any fly, the materials can be switched out for whatever you have present or for the desired effect. For example, I sometimes tie these with a much more prominent flash such as UTC Mirage Tinsel in Opal.


Step 1: Secure the hook and bead in the vice and start your thread.


Step 2: Advance your thread down the hook shank to the start of the bend, and tie in the tailing material of your choice.


Step 3: Wrap your thread about 3/4ths up the shank and tie in your flash and body material. I like tying in my body materials here and wrapping them down since this helps keep taper in the fly.


Step 4: Wrap your thread down to the tail of the fly to finish tying in the body material. Then wrap the flash in touching turns up to the bead.


Step 5: Wrap your body material over the flash in open turns. The amount of space you leave between the turns depends on how much of the flash you want showing through. Since I used a stripped peacock hurl for this fly, I first gave the flash a coating of super glue and wrapped the quill while it was still wet to increase the durability of the fly.


Step 6: Dub the collar leaving a small amount of space for the CDC.


Step 7: For the CDC, I placed a feather in a bulldog clip and cut the quill away. I then flattened my thread, split it with my bodkin, and placed the CDC fibres inside.


Step 8: Spin your thread to tighten it up and secure the CDC fibres inside, and wrap the CDC fibres into the collar. Tie off and add a dop of super glue or resin for durability if you so choose.

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