The Dumb Blonde is by no means my own creation but rather a mix of my previous baitfish and the fly Ruben Torres from the Tactical Angler showed me. Ruben's original pattern was used to target blue fin trevally at St Brandons. In essence the Dumb Blonde is just a pimped out silicone mullet. It has got nothing in its head, makes a ton of noise and knows how to move, hence the name.

The reason for tying this pattern was to produce something that could be cast easily and fishes well while still pushing water and making noise. The fly is an imitation of the southern mullet and is usually tied in larger sizes as a leerie (garrick) is willing to attack mullet up to 1/3 of its total body length. This fly is not just for leeries; bonito and shad have eaten it too, and the kob will only be a matter of time.


Thread: 300 Denier white or grey

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #2-2/0

Weight: 0.7mm lead wire

Glues: Pattex 100% repair, superglue

Eyes: 6-8mm of choice

Markers: permanent markers in grey, copper and yellow

Body: sculpting flash fiber in white and grey

Tail: white bucktail, cream craft fur, white ostrich herl, grey or cream coloured grey craft fur.


How to  tie it.

Step 1: Secure 10 wraps of lead around the shank using super glue.


Step 2: Tie in a portion of white bucktail 1.2 times shank length to prevent wrapping.


Step 3: Tie in a decent clump of cream craft fur, 2-2.5 times shank length while ensuring the rattle.

 will still fit on the shank.


Step 4: Tie in 10 ostrich herls, 2.5 times shank length


Step 5: Tie in a rattle. (2/0-small plastic, 1/0-large glass, #1-medium glass, #2-small glass) then apply a thin layer of superglue under the rattle.


Step 6: Tie in a clump of grey craft fur over the top of the tail.


Step 7: Tie in the grey and white sculpting fiber as pictured facing forward ensuring that the forward piece is well long enough to fold over.


Step 8: Fold the sculpting fiber over the fly ensuring all sides are covered, secure thread wraps in front of the sculpting fiber, behind the hook eye.


Step 9: Colour in the head and back, copper down the middle. grey on the sides.


Step 10: Secure the eyes using super glue.


Step 11: Place the fly vertical in the vice with the tail down, place a donut of pattex 100% around the hook eye then spread it down with a needle, allow to dry for 15 minutes.


Step 12: Colour in a small yellow dot behind the eye.


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