Recently I had the opportunity to fish the lower Orange river with a bunch of mates. While there are many different species there the prize catch is the Large Mouth Yellowfish.

Just prior to the trip I got told about this fly so a mate and I tied up about 12 each. 6 in black and 6 in olive. They worked a charm…so much so that the guides took all our unused ones when the trip ended!

This fly is perfect for Largies although some 10lb smallies also took a fancy to it. Targeting largies here involves looking for overhanging branches that have white bird droppings covering them. The cast has to be dead under these white branches. The shape and weight of this fly not only makes a distinct “plop” on the surface but it is streamlined and immediately shots off like a fleeing baitfish. The takes are hard as the fish hit the fly on the drop.


Thread: Black or Olive to suit fly in 6/0

Hook: Gamakatsu B10S in # 4

Head: Scalpin heads in Black or Olive

Body and tail: Rabbit Zonker

How to tie it:

Step 1. Prepare a nice thread base

Step 2. Prepare a 5cm long rabbit zonker strip by removing 5mm of hair from the tip and cut skin to a vee. Make sure hair lies away from the vee. Tie in the rabbit tail with the hair side facing down. This fly will swim hook up and so we want the hair to be on top.

Step 3. Take a second piece of rabbit zonker and tie it in where the tail is ted on the hook.

Step 4 : Palmer the rabbit forward making sure the turn slightly overlap each other. I helps just to moistened the fur to control it.

Step 5: Tie off palmered rabbit zonker about 5mm from the hook eye.

Step 6: Add two strips flash on thir side of the fly (optional) and tie off.

Step 7: Rotate hook so it point is upwards and then add a dab of superglue. Position the scalpin head eyes upwards and slide over hook eye and up against the palmered rabbit. Hold till glue sets.

The photos below indicate the tying sequence.




















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