The Antron Special is a very effective fly that myself and my best friend Ruben Burger designed.

This fly is a very effective Stillwater pattern that I have successfully used in all the Stillwater’s I have fished. This fly just works, no one knows why it works so well, it just does. The fish absolutely love it.

The design of the fly was based more on colour than the actual pattern. It is red and orange but has proven itself in many other colours including purple, green, blue, white, chartreuse, yellow and black.

Since we designed this fly on the edge of our favourite Stillwater we have tied it in many shapes and sizes, but still only using Antron and dubbing. We never go anywhere without this magic fly. It truly is indescribable when fished correctly, not that there’s actually a wrong way of fishing this fly.

This fly can be fished anywhere and anyway you want to. You can fish it on any line, at any depth, with any retrieve and it works. The most effective way however that we have discovered is a medium speed “Rolly Polly” retrieve and the classic “strip, strip, pause” retrieve. Mostly we fish it in about 3-7m of water and around fish holding weed beds, typically on a di3 or di5 line.

This fly is truly versatile and can be fished the way you want to fish it.


Step 1: Choose a suitable hook and a bead to match. Wrap a solid thread base so that materials do not slide around.


Step 2: Tie in a red tail the length of about 3/4 of the hook shank. It can be any colour but red and orange have proven to be the most effective.


Step 3: Wrap the body in touching wraps of Antron, the same colour as you made the tail, but leave space behind the bead.


Step 4: Tie in a piece of Antron, sideways in the space you left behind the bead and wrap so that both pieces face slightly backwards.


Step 5: Tie a piece of similar, but different colour Antron in between those “wings” you tied in, in step 4.


Step 6: Dub the rest of the space behind the bead, whip finish then cut the thread.

Place it in your box and head down to your favourite Stillwater and have some fun.

Added info: Tie a few...the big boys like them !!

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