When Wayne Sinclair kindly allowed me to use the Kloofzicht Annual Fly-Fishing Competition as a platform for my school Community Project, I was overwhelmed by the kind support of participants who purchased flies from me.

These have worked over the years in what I believe is Johannesburg’s top fly-fishing venue. All proceeds were donated to the Thandanani House of Refuge.

Sore fingers and numerous trips to Fly Fishing Shops for more materials later the orders and stock for the day were tied.

Then came the invitation from Wayne to tie the Kloofzicht Special for the 2019 competition, 50 of them! And a few days later the privilege of it being included in the FOSAF newsletter.

To “invent” a new fly these days is virtually impossible but modifying and butchering existing ideas happens daily. When I came across “Mike’s Secret” in Fishing Flies for Africa by Bill Hansford- Steele, I knew this is the one I want to put to the test, the name made it even easier!

With little time left for the order to be made, my version of “Mike’s Secret” was ideal as it is uncomplicated and uses relatively few materials.

I have fished Kloofzicht for more than 6 years and can confidently say that there is not one streamer or colour that works every day. Each time I go there a different fly hits the spot at different times of day. I had to try and combine all of this in one fly. Although only 2 fish were caught on my version of Mike’s Secret fly that day, I believe in its effectiveness and will certainly tie different versions for my next visit.

I usually fish it fairly deep on a sinking line.

Below my version and SBS.

Kloofzicht Version

Hook: Size 6 - 8 Mouche Nymph Hook 8443

Silk: Black

Tail: Black Marabou

Body: Black Floss, ribbed with flat silver tinsel

Wing: Squirrel Tail

Throat: Orange Marabou Fluff

See the tying steps below.








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