Hook size:  #2 Grip 21612-N or similar

Tail :  n/a

Thread :  White or cream 140/210 denier

Body :  5 mm Cactus chenille pearl and fly flex 6mm clear

Collar :  White or cream rabbit

Ribbing :  n/a

Thorax :  n/a

Wing case: n/a

Eyes: Frantic moulded pearl 6mm

Head : SLF – colour off white and krystal flash – uv white 4 strands and 2 strands luminous pearl 

Extras: Legs – Grip spinnerbait  skirts – colour 6 strands pink / black and 2 strands pearl / black. Markers - Copic pens grey or pink

TIP 1 – Pre-glue eyes using superglue onto .50mm nylon. This makes positioning the eyes simpler and last longer.

Tip 2 - Precut fly flex to correct length and singe both sides with a lighter. This makes for easier tying during the process.


● Place hook in vise and lay a foundation of thread onto the shank up to the barb of the hook.

Tie in the SLF roughly the length of the hook shank and taper as shown. Catch in the 2 sets of krystal   flash on top of the SLF followed by a narrow collar of rabbit.


● Tie in the cactus chenille, legs and position the eyes to just past the bend of the hook.


● Now wind the cactus chenille forward and tie off. Take markers and colour as desired.


● Take the precut flyflex and slide over the body and tie off. A drop of superglue will secure nicely.

Triggers – pulsating rabbit collar and the eyes. For me the translucency of the chenille under the fly flex makes the fly come alive.

This pattern is a good mid water searching pattern for garrick and skipjack and use an intermediate line with 9 ft mono “ straight “ 30lbs. Normally an 10 – 15cm strip retrieve will get you the honey. My observation has been that the garrick tend to take this fly quite gently compared to other patterns.

Colours – Grey summer months and pink winter.

Hope you enjoyed the tie.

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