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  • Hook:                    Size 10 or 8
  • Thread:                 Olive 6.0
  • Under Body:         Glow Bright Floss No 11 ( fluro green )
  • Over Body:           Pearl Tinsel
  • Wing:                    Olive over White Marabou
  • Tail:                      White and Olive Cock Hackle Mix
  • Rib:                      Copper Wire
  • Beard:                   Orange Cock Hackle
  • Eyes:                     Pre-formed Epoxy Eyes 5.5mm


How to Tie the Minnow:


  • Measure eyes on the hook and start your thread bed just behind where the eyes will sit.
  • Tie in the copper wire for rib.
  • Mix white and olive cock hackle and secure in as the tail.
  • Tie in the glowbrite floss at the bend of the hook and bring the thread, touch and turn, to where the eyes will sit.
  • Wind the floss up and down the shank of the hook three times, securing with the tying thread where the eyes will sit.
  • Tie in the pearl tinsel at the head and wind down and back up the hook to the eyes and secure with tying thread.
  • Form the rib with the copper wire and secure.
  • Tie in the marabou wing ( white with olive over the top )
  • Tie in a small orange beard below the hook at the head, using orange cock hackle.
  • Form a cone shape with the tying thread where the eyes will sit and whip finish.
  • Stick the pre-formed epoxy eyes onto the cone shape you have created with the thread and ensure that they are level.
  • Fill in the gap between the eyes with epoxy forming an even head and allow to dry.


Fishing the Pearl Minnow:

I normally use an intermediate or sinking line with a quick figure of 8 retrieve or a fast pull. I like to fish the fly close to the margins where the small fry and minnows are usually found. By varying the colour of the tying materials used, various minnow species can be imitated. Fly can be used year-round but works best in summer when fry are active.

The size 10 and 8  work very well for trout however larger size hooks may be used for tying a Pearl Minnow suitable for Bass and Tiger Fish.


John Hunter of the Village Angler on his home waters in Dullstroom

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