At the Eastern Cape FOSAF AGM in Somerset East on Saturday 6th April Dave Walker, chairman and founder of the Wild Trout Association of the NE Cape highlands received this award. The citation accompanying the award reads as follow:


FOSAF hereby bestows its Exemplary Service Award on:

Dave Walker

In recognition of his enormous contribution and steadfast and committed support for:

*Fly fishing in the Rhodes/Barkly East area, having been instrumental together with other visionaries, in working for the establishment of the Wild Trout Association (WTA) in 1991. As Chairman since then, Dave has managed the sometimes difficult relationship between Riparian owners and fly anglers, ensuring prime fly fishing for Trout and Yellowfish on hundreds of kilometres of rivers and streams for residents and visitors alike.

*The annual WILD Trout Association Festival, held since 1992 continues as a highlight of the South African fly angling calendar ensuring that flyfishing makes an enormous contribution to the area.

*Tourism promotion in the area with the Stoepsitfees, held since 2013 which gives tourists from all over the world the opportunity to meet local residents and gain an understanding of village life.

*FOSAF at an early stage, recognised that South Africa needed a lobby group to protect the interests of fly anglers and to protect and enhance the conservation of the environments in which they fish.

This is aligned to the WTA vision.

*Dave has always used the Festival and the WTA to promote FOSAF and to raise funds for the FOSAF cause, without ever having been asked to do so. The many donations over the years to FOSAF and fly-fishing organisations linked to FOSAF, can only be described as being beyond generous.

FOSAF is grateful for Dave Walker’s Worthy and Exemplary Service.

Somerset East.   06.04 2024. 


Brian Clark acting on behalf of FOSAF national chairman, Ilan Lax, hands Dave Walker the award.   

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