The Barkly East River Festival has become one of prime events of the flyfishing year. 

For 2022 it was held on18 & 19 November and 19 participants including 4 ladies arrived for registration at the local golf club on the Thursday evening. There was some apprehension initially as heavy rains preceded the event and lower rivers and the Kraai were in heavy spate. However, the weather cleared and thanks to the landowners many kilometres of the upper streams were made available. In fact, it is a feature of this district that one is offered a multitude of pristine streams to choose from under most conditions. A total of 799 fish were caught with the odd yellow amongst the rainbows. The largest trout was a 49cm trout taken by Daniel Tarling who also came in with the longest bag followed by Evan Hobson with 94 fish. Amongst the women Greer Leo-Smith received first prize with 81 fish.

The Friday night social was at FK’s Pub & Grill and prize giving was held at the Sir Henry Barkly, both of which proved to be very enjoyable events. 


46,5cm from the Diepspruit.


Angler and his dog in the Three Drifts stream.


The Vaalhoek stream.


Into a Diepspuit rainbow.


A Saalboom fish


A yellow from the Diepspruit

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