FOSAF continues fight on flyfishers behalf on March 7 – by Ed Herbst

Since March 1986, the Federation of Southern African Fly Fishers (FOSAF) has sought to promote the interests of fly anglers and to conserve the environments in which they fish.

That is why, with limited resources, it accepted the challenge of opposing in court legislation which was inimical to these interests.

FOSAF seeks to create a more self-regulatory system for hatcheries and the trout value chain which will enhance employment rather than decrease it

This is important in a country where almost 12 million people out of a total population of 55 million are unemployed and dependent for their survival on social grants.

On 10 September last year, FOSAF, seeking to promote informed consultation, achieved a significant court victory in the North Gauteng High Court against those in government seeking greater control over the trout value chain.

Government has appealed the judgment and a virtual hearing is set down for this coming Monday.

Judgement will probably only be handed down mid-year at the earliest.

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