Our updated website – https://www.fosaf.org.za - of the Federation of South African Flyfishers went live today and thanks are due to Jade dos Santos and our webmaster, Andrew Vester of Artica Website Design.


FOSAF’s priorities in 2022 include:

Working with stakeholders to address government’s ongoing failure to manage significant environmental threats resulting from:

  • stream and river pollution caused by the lack of preventative maintenance at municipal water treatment plants. This has resulted in massive fish kills and has affected the health of those living near these streams and rivers ;
  • mining concessions being granted in ecologically sensitive areas;

Last year, FOSAF won its court case promoting informed consultation and government’s unworkable attempts to control trout aquaculture and declare trout as invasive. We will oppose government’s appeal of the finding.

Continuing our efforts to protect the yellowfish.

FOSAF’s milestone achievements in the past 35 years are listed on the website - if you are not a member it is in your interest as a fly angler to become one.


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