The Barkly East Fly Fishing Club’s River Festival held last weekend was a blast with all participants vowing to return next year. A total of 253 fish were netted, both rainbows and yellows with the winner John Biccard of Haenertsberg taking 73 of these during the 2- day event. 

Amongst the group were two complete novices who surprised the guides by giving the experienced flyfishers a run for their money. Good rains fell immediately before the festival which ruled out the Kraai which was discoloured so most of the fishing was done in its tributaries which were in perfect condition. There are so many streams to choose from in this NE Cape highlands area, but the organisers decided to concentrate on just 7 of which the Diepspruit, Vaalhoek and Bokspruit saw most of the action.

Phots taken at the festival are below:


Fishing the Diepsloot


Hannah Hobson with a trout


Nice yellow from the Diepsloot


There was a midday braai for everyone alongside the stream


A yellow from the lower Bokspruit


And a trout from the Bok.

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