To read this 4-page letter to the Hon. Dr. Edna Molewa, Minister of Environmental Affairs please click here. This letter demands the withdrawal of the proposed Draft Amendment 2018 Alien Invasive Species Regulations and the Lists which were published for comment on 16/02/2018. A response to this letter is requested by no later than 17th March 2018.

This letter makes it quite clear that the DEA that have once again acted illegally in terms of NEM:BA (National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act, 2004) and NEMA (National Environmental Management Act, 1998). Furthermore, the letter points out that the actions of the department are unconstitutional.


FOSAF and other members of the consortium (see letter) which is growing as others indicate support that these concerns involve other species (not only Trout), and the negative impact this draft legislation will have on agriculture and game farmimg. This is all part of the approach exemplified by the new draft Biodiversity Bill which aims to control all boilogical resources and deprive all South Africans of the right of ownership of living things and genetic resources

Failing the withdrawal of these notices by the DEA the consortium is prepared to to go to court and is ready to brief counsel.

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