I meet many Flyfishers in my travels and always ask whether they are members of FOSAF? Many indicate that they are not and often ask “Why should I be a member?”  Before answering, I usually ask them if they know what FOSAF is and what is does?


The Federation of Southern African Flyfishers (FOSAF) was formed in 1986 in response to the then Cape Nature Conservation’s decision to repeal the laws regulating trout fishing without consultation of the various interested parties and the public.  FOSAF is a voluntary association with members from across the sub-continent, organised in four main chapters/regions: Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KZN and the Northern Region. Free State is shared by the last two.  Chapters have committees of committed people, represented on a national executive committee with responsibility for the organisation’s governance. FOSAF is a registered public benefit organisation and donations are tax deductible.


Why should one be a member of FOSAF? Perhaps the answer is a series of other questions: Are you passionate about flyfishing? If so, what are you doing to promote it and to conserve or improve the sensitive places that we flyfish?  Are you fostering the next generation of flyfishers?  Finally, are you helping to ensure that flyfishing contributes in a relevant way to making South Africa a sustainable economy?


If you join FOSAF you will be contributing to an important legacy.  Over the years FOSAF has:

ü   Unified and represented all flyfishers, clubs and flyfishing interests;

ü   Developed sound policy, principles and ethics to engage Government and other NGO stakeholders to secure the interests of flyfishing, the environment and all the flyfishing prey species, but especially on the trout situation on an on-going basis since 1986.  Spin offs include: the NEMBA campaign to secure a future for trout fishing; helping with: permit problems in W & E Cape, Mpumalanga and KZN; the Cape Piscatorial Society obtaining control of Cape trout waters; and helping form Trout South Africa to recognise the full trout value chain;

ü   Helped form, fund and lead the Yellowfish Working Group;

ü   Contributed to and promoted research about yellowfish, trout, tigerfish, the economic value of flyfishing for SA (especially in rural communities);

ü   Helped oppose inappropriate mining activities in water sensitive flyfishing areas;

ü   Started Flyfishing magazine and published guides and various fly -fishing and -tying books;

ü   United people around flyfishing and fly- tying by promoting expos, clinics and involving youth;

ü   Developed and promoted flyfishing guides’ training and job creation.

Membership of FOSAF allows certain discounts, including, a reduced price for “Flyfishing” magazine.

So, if you’d like to part of helping us achieve more of the above, please join FOSAF. See our website http://www.fosaf.co.za/ and click on ‘Join/Donate”.

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