Tying instructions by Leonard Flemming:

Place a #1/0 to 3/0 Gamakatsu B10S Stinger hook or Gamakatsu SL12 hook in the vice and tie a black tungsten dumbbell in about 1 cm from the eye, on top of the hook.

Tie in a bunch of crystal flash strands in the middle of the shank; cover this with 1st white buck tail and then red buck tail to form the ‘belly’ of the fly.

Flip the hook in the vice and tie in a bunch (about 14 strands) of fine olive flashabou; cover the flashabou with olive buck tail and whip finish.

The fly should be fairly sparse – do not add too much buck tail.

Fish the Flash Clouser for tigerfish and any saltwater predatory fish, including reef species such as blacktail. It works well on any fly line (floating, intermediate or sinking) and it can be stripped fast or slow with a pronounced jigging action. Big fish love this fly!


Leonard Flemming with a garrick


Alex Jordaan fighting a tiger at Deka (Zambezi)

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