The mapping of “where trout are” is fundamental to the sustainability of the Trout Value Chain, as the distribution of trout in SA commenced 125 years ago. This makes trout a naturalised alien as most of our common farm animals have gone the same route. The ecological impact if any, is spent.

Trout SA, with the aid and support of provincial organisations such as the Mpumalanga Trout Value Chain, have established maps of where trout are as well as achieving a win-win agreement with DEA that where they are, they can be. Where they are not, we as association members will only stock if a permit is issued. The distribution of trout in areas where trout are, will be self-regulated by Trout SA and its provincial membership associations, using a secure DAFF database. This arrangement has been verified at a MINMEC meeting. As is now obvious the imminent agreement with the competent authorities of “where trout are”, is the focus for successful implementation.    

 DEA officials have however not been able to negotiate this process in good faith and TSA have therefor escalated the matter as an impediment to development, to Phakisa. The result has been that the implementation negotiations have been moved from a DEA to Phakisa responsibility (with a new presiding team). A meeting date has been set for the 9th May 2016 and will be held at the SANBI offices in Pretoria. TSA will represent the Trout Value Chain.

Your attendance at the Walkersons, Mpumalanga Trout Value Chain meeting, to provide guidance and a mandate for Trout SA in this important Phakisa negotiation, will be appreciated. Please RSVP Peter at


Gerrie vd Merwe.

TSA Chairperson



3RD MAY 2016 AT 10H00






  1. 1.       Welcome
  2. 2.       Attendance and apologies
  3. 3.       Presentation of “where trout are” mapping exercise.

3.1   Where trout are

3.2   Where MPTA want them to be

3.3   Where permits have been issued

  1. 4.       The MINMEC agreement
  2. 5.       Mandate to TSA for the Phakisa meeting
  3. 6.       Closure


Chairperson: Stephan van der Merwe

Secretary:       Peter Arderne


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