This book by Charles Griffiths, Jenny Day and Mike Picker is the first comprehensive, illustrated field guide to the aquatic life in southern Africa. As such it is a ‘must-have’ for all fresh water fly fishers and it will also make a great Christmas gift.

According to the press release this ground-breaking book spans all aquatic life forms, from the large and conspicuous vertebrates, through insects, molluscs and other invertebrates, to aquatic plants and microscopic algae. More than 1,000 freshwater organisms are included, species having been selected on the basis of how likely they are to be encountered. Descriptive text and notes on the ecology of each species are accompanied by photographs and distribution maps. A comprehensive introduction details the ecology and significance of freshwater systems in Southern Africa.

Note that this easy to use book is designed for both the scientist and layman. It is now available at book stores in soft cover and with a PVC jacket.

Soft cover -  ISBN: 9781775841029  Recommended retail price : R320,00

PVC cover  - ISBN: 9781775843481   Recommended retail price:  R360,00



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