FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Winterberg & Stormberg

Date of Report: Friday, 17th November 2017
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Name: Martin Davies
Phone: 082 398 1088 or 046 622 4423


Martin advises that 60 ml of rain has fallen in the Winterberg area and also there has been snow on the higher ground. All the Redcliffe dams are overflowing and the little Tarka River at Redcliffe is in spate. The rain, especially if more falls today should help raise the level of Thrift Dam which was below 50% because water was being released for farmers downstream. Apparently, there are heavy bookings for Thrift over the holiday period after a period of low angling activity during the last month.

STORMBERG (Queenstown & districts)

The club chairman, Reg Morgan (082 7033489 & 045-8381854) reports that after the 100 of rain they had in October they have had another 25 ml yesterday with probably more falling today and snow on the higher areas like Penhoek Pass. All the dams except Pine Grove which is still filling are near full or full. Reg says the fishing in the last 2 months has been the best in many years with all dams producing and the new dams such as George Smith’s at Indwe and the big Molteno dam looking very promising. As expected some trophy fish for which this area is renowned are coming out and as all the dams are appear well stocked they will be able to cut down on the next stocking.

The club held its AGM last night and it was good to see younger members being elected to the committee. With membership growing to 85 the club is in a very strong position.

The club website is at


Alan Hobson, chairman of the Bankberg Club, states that all the dams in the Somerset East area are full such as Mountain Dam, Besters Hoek and the Glen Avon dams. Also, the Naude’s River with its famous waterfall and waterfall pool are looking good. Trout are growing out well in Mountain Dam which was down to below 50% two months ago. The newly inundated areas are full of food and a 2 kg fish was recently caught and the average size which was about 750g is now well above that.

There is concern about the Swaershoek area and the Little Fish as there has been less rain up there with little run- off. Alan reckons that there are four 10lb rainbows in the Little Fish which are at risk if the flow does not increase to counter the high summer temperatures. Cradock has had good rain and some snow, but it is unlikely that the Karreebosch Dam will fill as it was virtually empty a short time ago.

There have been periods of very high temperatures, so the bass have come into their own in the local dams, some which are stocked with the Florida strain. In addition, the yellowfishing has been good and it is expected that the yellows will be migrating up the clear Baviaans River near Cookhouse as this system received excellent rain.

For more information, phone Alan Hobson at 042-2433440 or visit the website at,6.html.


Mountain Dam