Date of Report: Saturday, 12th August 2017
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Name: Tim Rolston
Phone: 083 626 0467

Louis de Jager of the CPS reports that re-stocking of Lakenvlei has commenced with good sized rainbows and will be followed up with more rainbows and some browns. It has been difficult to source live fish for stocking on account of the drought. Because of the high cost of fish only catch & release will be allowed from now on at CPS controlled dams.

Sadly, the dam alongside the Breede River which was stocked with trout last year is unfishable at the moment as the farmer is not allowed to refill it due to the drought.

Negotiations are underway with farmers in the Kouebokkeveld to acquire one or two new dams but the agreement/s still have not been finalised.

Note that all rivers are closed to fishing over winter and it is hoped that really good rains fall from now on as all the big storage dams for Cape Town remain very low and the mountain springs and wetlands need a good soaking rain.

The Eikendal dams which are private dams near Somerset West have been re-stocked and are open for day ticket fishing and it is believed that La Ferme has also stocked its waters.

The CPS River Festival this year will be from 3 to 5 November. As usual it will be held mainly on the Smalblaar and Holsloot river systems. To book contact Louis at or 021-4247725.