Date of Report: Thursday, 6th June 2019
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Name: Louis de Jager (Cape Piscatorial Society Secretary)
Phone: 021-4247725

The rivers are now closed but the last month prior to June 1 provided excellent fishing on all the beats of the Smalblaar system, but with some nice sized rainbows coming out of the lower river.

The Holsloot is also showing signs of steady improvement and one of more experienced flyfishers took a couple of browns from the Witte which is good to hear as the stream suffered badly in the recent drought which decimated the population.

Most of our trout fishing is now focused on the Lakenvlei Dam near Ceres. The comprehensive stocking is paying off and the WP flyfishing team averaged 4 – 5 fish per day at a recent practice weekend on this water. The largest trout recently caught here was a 55 cm brown.

La Ferme near Franshoek also provides winter fishing in their well- stocked four ponds and this venue is recommended for the elderly and infirm. It is also recommended for wheelchair anglers, some who are very keen flyfishers. 20 of them challenged 20 able and experienced CPS flyfishers such as Tom Sutcliffe, Tim Ralston and Gordon van der Spuy who also had to sit in wheelchairs at a recent competition. Needless to say, the CPS team found the conditions very challenging.


Lakenvlei from the CPS club. A touch of snow on Matroosberg