FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Trout - Southern Drakensberg

Date of Report: Wednesday, 13th June 2018
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Name: Wolf Avni
Phone: 033 701 1511

With the winter solstice bearing down the frosts lie thick upon the ground at daybreak. Firebreak season is here and the air takes on a haze from the smoke of a thousand grass fires trapped beneath a cold air inversion.  Spawning in the rivers is mostly over, though here and there a few pods of fish are still flitting around in search of gravel.  This year spawning started way back in mid April. The trap went in early and we were rewarded with the first runs consisting mostly of large hens, 60cm and above. Already we are seeing the first wild swim ups. In streams where they were left to get on with it, undisturbed, the spawn went well and bodes positively for a quick bounce back from the denudation of the long drought. 

And although the report is a month old, the UHTFC returns showed some great promise as winter took hold. Club dams returned good stats, with a few fish up around the 3~4kg mark.   

In dams without a flowing inlet, there are still pods of frustrated spawners to be stalked in the shallows, where, at first and last light, they may be found as they look for somewhere to shed their eggs. In these situations where no natural spawning can take place, anglers can target the fish with as much predictability as as the fishing gods ever permit


A wild fish from the trap being returned to the stream