FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - North Coast

Date of Report: Wednesday, 14th June 2017
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Name: Jeff Asherwood
Phone: 082 978 1098

There is still very little action in the sea with only the odd shad taken on bait. The water is still quite warm for this time of year and there is a theory that most of the gamefish have moved southwards as there are large shoals of sardines passing the Eastern Cape coast. Of course, with the warm water persisting there is some doubt whether they will come inshore when they reach the South Coast. In the meantime, we must just wait for the larger gamefish to return.

Locally the sea and the St Lucia estuary are very discoloured. This is the result of the channel they are excavating to reconnect the Umfolozi to the lake and much of the mud from these workings is being deposited in the sea. However, the first phase of this project will be completed on June 17