FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - North Coast

Date of Report: Monday, 13th November 2017
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Name: Jeff Asherwood
Phone: 082 978 1098

We are having howling winds at the moment and some rain so the Umfolozi came down in flood and deposited some water and silt in the lake, but what we need is a good cyclone to deposit heavy rains to really fill the lake and this usually arrives in February.

It has been very quiet at Vidal but I hear that at Mission Rocks near Bats Cave there have been quite a few black tipped kingfish taken as there has been a good scouring of the seabed taking place. Also, down at Mapelane and past Crayfish Point at the ledges there have also been catches of kingfish. Otherwise one can usually find 3 spot and threadfin on light tackle.


3 spot pompano