FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Saltwater - North Coast

Date of Report: Saturday, 19th January 2019
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Name: Jeff Asherwood
Phone: 082 978 1098

It has been extremely hot, over 40°C, and on top of that very humid with a howling wind so it has been very unpleasant weather-wise. The sea temperature is 27°C which is not conducive to good fishing and in fact the fishing has been pretty hopeless. I had one friend who spent 4 days at Vidal with only one small black tip kingfish to show for his efforts. Even the 3 spot pompanos which one can usually rely on for light tackle sport are almost absent.

With regard to the lake it is full and full of fresh water. The Umfolozi has come down in flood twice this summer which has added to the lake level and all the other streams feeding the lake are well primed. We have been warned that there is a good chance of a cyclone this summer and this could well bring the torrential rain needed to cause the lake to breach at the mouth for the first time in 12 years. We look forward to that event.