Date of Report: Tuesday, 5th December 2017
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Name: Peter Arderne
Phone: 0118823051


For fly fishing holiday makers heading for this area the news is excellent. Streams are in spate and most dams are overflowing and brim full with forecasters predicting more rain and cooler than average temperatures during summer. There has been plenty of surface activity and John Hunter caught and released over 10 trout on the DFFA’s Jansens Dam using tiny dry flies and a Joe’s Hopper patterns. Buzzers sub-surface have also done well.  Remain on the water after the sun has set and you should see heavy rises. Also get up well before sunrise and there are often fish hunting the recently flooded margins for tadpoles and minnows.

At other times, especially when the sun is up you may have to get your fly well down.

TFFC’s waters at Middelpunt will end the year with stocking both this week and next week. This year there has been no problem obtaining good sized rainbows for stocking in the range of 700g to 1kg. For more information go to


At last the river is flowing well and clearing of the banks is being undertaken on the club stretches in preparation of the stocking in the next week or so. Day tickets available from Big Skye which also has good fishing available especially for kids and beginners in their Horseshoe Dam.  Phone Andrew at 013-7642682.


TFFC’s Dam 4 at Middelpunt, Dullstroom