FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - S.E. Mpumulanga/KZN

Date of Report: Saturday, 25th May 2019
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Name: Horst Filter
Phone: 082 628 7702

SE Mpumalanga

Horst reports that the large and smallscale rivers like the Phongola are running quite high for this time of year, but they have cleared nicely with the onset of colder weather. He will start his fishing next weekend, winter being the main yellowfishing time for him.

Northern KZN

Carl Freese (083 2260810) that the scalies in the upper tributaries of the upper Tugela have tended to drop back to the larger stretches and pools. There are still a few resident scalies in the tributaries, but the water is crystal clear and with the colder temperatures slowing down the metabolism of the fish one has to persist with a careful approach to induce a take.

He also says that the Umhlwazini stream has produced some good trout fishing, but the season ends on 31 May.

Southern KZN.

Karl Adensgaard states that the middle Umkomaas is still running strongly, but has cleared and although the fish have dropped back to the deeper water it is still warm enough to produce good yellowfishing.


The Umkomaas