Date of Report: Friday, 25th August 2017
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Name: Scotty Kyle

The main good news is that there are now some shad, even some of over 30 cm, in the Kosi Bay area. There had been sporadic reports for some time that there were a few shad around but while they normally arrived in early June this year they were much later. There are now reports of shad around the Mouth, Bhanga Neck and Black Rock. Numbers are not great but at least they have arrived at last.

As usual the shad are stirring things up a little but, so far, there are few reports of kingfish with the shad or indeed many reports of kingfish being seen. One reason for the lack of reports is that there are simply very few visitors, never mind flyfishers, who have visited the region in the past few weeks.

A few days ago I saw a magnificent bluefin kingfish in the surf as it came and looked at, and then rejected, my lure but it was really nice to see such an excellent fish. I also saw shoals of small and medium spotted pompano in some of the sandy areas north of Bhanga Neck. I have not seen such numbers of pompano for a long time and hopefully this bodes well for this season’s fishing.

There have been few kingfish around in the inshore environment recently but this is “normal” for this time of year. There have been reports of people walking down the beach from Mozambique to net in the ocean just north of Kosi Mouth very early in the mornings. This is probably devastating the close inshore species like bastard mullet and pompano so please report anything like this if you see it.

The shad, although around, are not very numerous and do not yet really seem to be “stirring things up” but at least there is some action as the temperatures have been very cold and the winds often very strong.

In the lakes there has been very little activity and, from a fly fishing perspective, still need a good couple of months to warm up and become of much interest.

Tight lines.



Bluefin Kingfish