Date of Report: Monday, 11th December 2017
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Name: Scotty Kyle

Fishing is always unpredictable and erratic but the fishing both in the Kosi Lakes and adjacent ocean is breaking new ground in these respects.

In the lakes one of the largest GT’s ever recorded, one of about 37 kilograms, was recently caught, tagged and released and some other excellent GT’s and also bigeye and greenspot kingies have been caught recently in the lakes. On the other hand there have been several days in a row where there has been almost no sign whatsoever of decent gamefish moving or feeding. Clearly there are excellent fish in the lakes, but it is almost as if they have learned to avoid fishers who have already had to become progressively more careful over the years to catch good fish.

One excellent GT of 84 cm was caught on fly in Lake Three recently as well as some smaller nice fish, but the temperatures and conditions have been varying markedly on a daily basis. The nice fish have been seen and caught in all lakes and also in almost all areas of all the lakes and an area with excellent fish one day may seem devoid of life the next. Never before has skill, knowledge and simple luck been so important in fishing at Kosi Bay. Good preparation, information and skill were never more important and few fish will be caught without these but with them all in place it is still very easy to catch nothing.

This having been said temperatures should rise and there are excellent fish around and they must feed and thus be open to being caught. So far GT’s, greenspot and bigeye kingfish have been seen in numbers but, as yet, rock salmon and seapike have not yet been very evident.

Somehow the ocean has also shown the same kind of situation in that some amazing fish have been caught recently, including massive spotted pompano and many medium sized pompano, and yet on many good-looking days few fish seem to be even present never mind feeding.

The bottom line is that more than ever the serious angler needs to be well prepared and also prepared to move around a lot, both in the lakes and on the shore to find the feeding fish. If he/she does this then there are some amazing fish to be caught. So far, the massive GT’s in the ocean have been very scarce, though some have been seen at Kosi Mouth, but even the greenspots have been few and far between.

Last season was one of the worst ever in terms of the capture of good gamefish, both in the lakes and ocean. Overall, this season has so far been much more promising than last year and yet it is still not clear how it is going to develop.

December so far has been pretty quiet but excellent fish are in the lakes and it is only a matter of finding them and enticing them to take the fly.

Sadly, there have already been some cases of theft from camps around Kosi Bay and it is ever more important to lock vehicles and anything of value must be hidden and also locked away. It is best to hire someone to look after your vehicle when you leave it alone. It is probably safe but peace of mind when you are fishing is very important and often we stay longer than we had anticipated.

Tight lines,



A 12 kg GT caught by Scotty on a plug, not a fly.