FOSAF FLYFISHING REPORTS - Yellowfish - East Free State

Date of Report: Friday, 16th February 2018
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Name: David Weaver
Phone: 083 303 4230

Mid-way through the month of February, and the fishing remains tough. Tales of blank days from ‘Blank-boys’ abound.  The traffic is so high you battle to find parking space even in the remotest spots.  Oh! how I dream of the time that Van der Kloof comes back on song and the Vaal River clears.

Still no sign of the termites but we have been swamped with maize beetles.  They lie thick along the banks and drift carefree on the surface across the dam.  My friend reports that he is tying up some maize beetle patterns and is having good success with them.  Great news and a lesson to this old Sterkies-dog, we always believed them to be toxic and immune to Yellows, but we learn new tricks every time we fish this magnificent piece of water.  The other hatch that has been happening, especially just before the afternoon storms is what we call a ‘Balbyter’ ant.  Large and black in colour, they are the ones that swarm over your feet and bite your….. when you walk the banks.  Always around rocky areas and open ground.

The fish have started with their second spawn of the season and still no let-up of disturbance on the spawning beds.  On Saturday afternoon there were no less than three flyfishermen on Dassie island.  All spawning activity that we had seen in the morning had ceased and there appeared to be no fish in sight.  Bank stomping, don’t matter how stealthy you are, around the spawning areas is not allowed, by law and by etiquette.

Another new-moon weekend approaches and we can be guaranteed of as much traffic on the dam as last weekend.

I will only be on the water again in March so until then Hook, Look and Release.  Kill all Bass and Carp and respect the spawning fish…Please.

Photo courtesy of Carl Nicholson