Date of Report: Wednesday, 19th July 2017
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Name: Dean Stoltz
Phone: 043 726 5133

This is a quiet time of the year for saltwater flyfishing on the Border. The estuaries look really good and clear but are too cold for really productive fishing. However, the kob, grunter and young garrick are there and if one perseveres, especially during warm periods, one has a chance of a catch. Shad catches are being made along the coast on spoon but no flyfishers have given it a try.

Most of my fly fishing customers are targeting trout now, especially in Gubu and the Maden Dam near Kingwilliamstown. Maden is looking good and although there are not as many stockies around as is the case in Gubu there seem to be larger fish to be caught with a 50cm rainbow caught 2 weeks ago.


Flyfishing Double Mouth on the Wild Coast