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Here is the news for the month of May


Dr Gordon O’Brien

Gordon, one of the stalwarts of the YWG has announced that he will be leaving Pietermaritzburg as he has taken a post at University of Mpumalanga (UMP) in July. As the new university does not have post-graduate students he has negotiated with the UMP management to continue to lead the Aquatic Ecosystem Research Programme at the University of KZN, representing UMP and UKZN/CWRR.

News from the Mid Vaal area.

Chris Williams who now serves on the SAVE committee reports that there is uncertainty about the application for prospecting for 34 minerals by Goosebay mining next to the Vaal River in the Parys area as SLR Consulting has notified stakeholders that they are no longer acting on behalf on behalf of Goosebay.

The Vaal River in the Mid Vaal area has seen some of the worst sewage pollution in its history in the past few weeks. Because of recent strikes and theft of cables and equipment the waste water plants up to end April have only been able to treat 50 per cent of sewage. The balance of 50 per cent up in the Vaal River via tributaries and storm water drains. The lack of both action and direction by the departments of Water and Sanitation and Environmental Affairs continues unabated.

Note that the DWS has arranged stakeholder meetings for the gazetting of the reserve in the Vaal Water Management Area on 12 June 2018 at the Riverside Sun, Vanderbijlpark (upper Vaal catchment), 13 June at La Rouge Guest Farm, Vierfontein (middle Vaal catchment) and 14 June at Horseshoe Inn, Kimberley (lower Vaal catchment). Enquiries to Andre Joubert at or 071 4674805

World fish migration day.

This was celebrated on April 21 and in South Africa saw several events taking place including the launch of a 4 part video series (  highlighting the migration of the Natal yellowfish and the Msunduzi River. The Water Research Group of NW University also participated as may be seen on their Facebook page at

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