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All of the best for 2018 and here’s hoping it will be an improvement on 2017!

Here is some news for you:


The Water Research Commission has a study which may be of interest to you. This is titled “Scoping Study on the Development & Sustainable Utilization of Inland Fisheries – Vol 1 & 2”. As we may not post it on our website you will have to order it from the WRC. I asked Peter Mills to summarise the main points and he writes:


“The scoping study looks at the potential of South African dams to provide protein/food for previously disadvantaged individuals. Developing these fisheries also looked at the potential for creating small business opportunities in poor rural communities. The report may be roughly summarized:

  1. The current legislation, environmental and agricultural is not very enabling.
  2. Aquaculture is highly skilled and capital-intensive undertaking that does not really lend itself to small business opportunities.
  3. Most dams will not support a sustainable yield of fish and therefore will not support small business opportunities either.  There are many examples of such projects failing.  The only one that did work for a while was at Bloemhof Dam.  It too eventually folded as a business and only created 1 permanent job.  Hardly a success story.
  4. Only high altitude cold dams are suitable for cage cultures, but again, such dams are limited in number (possibly Sterkfontein) and require a high degree of expertise.
  5. The developing of sport fishing around many dams not suitable for harvesting would create more jobs and would be more sustainable than would local harvesting initiatives.”

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