June 2017


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New scientific names for some freshwater species.

I refer to an article by Dean Impson in the June/July 2017 issue of Flyfishing magazine which lists a number of changes to scientific names for freshwater species and included in these are three of what we refer to as yellowfishes plus a new entrant.

Also in the list of changes below are the chiselmouths of the Inkomati and Phongola river systems which was previously in the genus Varicorhinus and are now in the genus Labeobarbus thus becoming what we refer to as a yellowfish so our list of yellowfishes has now grown from 9 to 10. Note that the whitefish, sawfin and papermouth are not true yellowfish (Labeobarbus).

The changes are:

Common name                      Previous scientific name           New scientific Name

Clanwilliam yellowfish            Labeobarbus capensis                    Labeobarbus seeberi

Clanwilliam sawfin                 Barbus serra                                ‘‘Pseudobarbus’ serra

Berg-Breede whitefish            Barbus andrewi                           ‘‘Pseudobarbus’ capensis

Papermouth                           Barbus mattozi                             Enteromius mattozi

Incomati chiselmouth            Varicorhinus nelspruitensis              Labeobarbus nelspruitensis

Dean goes on to write that for those yellowfish enthusiasts fishing the Inkomati and Phongola systems the target becomes to catch all three true yellowfish species occurring there, the small and largescale yellows plus the chiselmouth. These are the only rivers in South Africa where catching 3 true yellowfish is possible.

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