YELLOWFISH WORKING GROUP - YWG Newsletter: January 2017

Dear All,

Here is wishing all our supporters a happy and prosperous 2017 and hoping for a year in which we at last see improving water quality, something the YWG will focus on from now on.

Some news items for this month’s letter:



Illegal netting though out southern Africa

We have touched on this subject before and reports from all the yellowfish rivers of South Africa indicate that this is a rapidly increasing problem. In South Africa legislation is inadequate and where there is legislation there is virtually no enforcement. At the rate this problem is growing many of our fish populations will never recover. And this trend is not limited to South Africa. To see the problem in the Kavango system in Namibia click on

Good rains in the northern part of South Africa.

We hear that the very late but bountiful and welcome rains have revived many of our northern rivers such as the Orange/Vaal system, but the season has not been good at Sterkfontein so far as this dam is low after large volumes of water were released for the Vaal Dam which had dropped to about 27% in early summer. There is also concern that the low water might have impacted on the summer spawn season. The growing bass population already poses a threat to the yellows in this popular fly fishing water.

The KZN rivers are flowing strongly but Midmar Dam is still low and apparently for the second year the fall at the Cascades was too high for the fish to enter the Umgeni at spawning time.

Although Katse Dam in Lesotho is also low the main feeder rivers such as the Bokong are flowing strongly and large numbers of smallmouths are well into their annual migration.

In the NE Cape which was pretty dry a month ago they have recently had excellent rain in the area and the yellows have taken the opportunity to head up the various Kraai tributaries such as the Bell, Bok and Sterkspruit.



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