YELLOWFISH WORKING GROUP - YWG Newsletter: December 2016

Dear All,

Here are some news items for this month’s letter:


Article on yellowfish populations in Free State Dams

Last month I referred to an article on our website titled “A qualitative & quantitative analysis of historic commercial fisheries in the Free State Province of South Africa – LM Barkhuizen, OLF Weyl & JG van As.”  I incorrectly stated that it included information in Leon’s article which appeared in the most recent issue of “The Complete Fly Fisherman” and had particular reference to Sterkfontein. The TCFF have now given us the permission to post his original article on the FOSAF website. To read it click here.

Fishway Workshop.

Peter Mills attended the Fishway Workshop organised by the Water Research Commission on the 21st of November.  The workshop was attended by many imminent scientists and Peter also presented a paper on the YWG’s conservation initiatives.  Several issues were raised like the effects of dams on the river ecosystem; fish ladders are expensive and need to be strategically placed where they can aid fish migration; and the placing of ladders in some systems might even be inappropriate.

Jukskei & Klein Jukskei Clean-Up

Calling all Northern Johannesburg residents! If you are at a loose end over the upcoming festive holidays, and want to work off that expanding waistline, then this one is for you!

In conjunction with the local municipality, water concerns and interest groups, FOSAF Northern Region and the YWG are working on revamping and helping upgrade the valiant unsung work conducted by many local concerned residents over recent years. This is specifically with respect to cleaning up the litter and pollution as well as helping to improve both the quality and quantity of water in these two specific rivers. Most of you will be aware these streams have been severely impacted of late for diverse reasons - most of them human-created and totally avoidable. Until recently – as recent as a couple of months ago in some cases – largescale yellows were regularly caught on fly in sectors of these easily-accessible suburban streams. Now no more! These erstwhile pleasant areas of diverse flora and fauna in the worst cases have been reduced to toxic, foul-smelling and litter-strewn wastelands, fit for neither man nor beast – nor fish. We know this will always be ‘work in progress’ but if we sit back and do nothing, matters will only deteriorate more rapidly even further afield.    

We will be running a more formal and concerted programme as from the New Year in conjunction with local authorities and interest groups, but if you are interested in assisting in a field working party for a couple of hours in the Randburg/Four Ways/Kya Sands area between now and the New Year please contact Chris Williams (FOSAF Northern Region Chairman) at ‘’. We welcome all constructive ideas and input



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