YELLOWFISH WORKING GROUP - YWG Newsletter: November 2016

Dear All,

Here are some news items for this month’s letter:


Article on yellowfish populations in Free State Dams

In the October newsletter we mentioned that Leon Barkhuizen’s article in the latest issue of the Complete Fly Fisher makes interesting reading, particularly his findings on dams like Sterkfontein. We now have the complete research report on our website. The title of the report is “A qualitative & quantitative analysis of historic commercial fisheries in the Free State Province of South Africa – LM Barkhuizen, OLF Weyl & JG van As.”  You may access if you  click here.

Sterkfontein Dam

You have probably read that the DWS will be releasing water from Sterkfontein Dam to augment the Vaal Dam which has dropped to 27%. Sterkfontein has been low for some time and it is quite probable that this inhibited a successful yellowfish spawn last summer and a further decline in level will do further damage to yellowfish recruitment which is already under pressure from an expanding bass population.

The future of the YWG.

As you are aware this has been one of FOSAF’s most successful projects. If you did access the article above, you will have noted a long list of the Group’s accomplishments over the years recorded on the FOSAF website. Although we agree that FOSAF has through the YWG achieved its prime objective of popularizing sustainable fly fishing for yellows we must plan for the future. FOSAF will be debating this matter during the next few weeks and we should be able to advise of the outcome in the December newsletter.



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